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How To Install Security Camera Wiring

Surveillance cameras in Calgary are the best way to protect your home or business. However, these systems must be installed correctly first. The trickiest part is the wiring. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Map Out Your Security System

Before you do any installation or drilling, you need to have the entire system laid out. Start by identifying your hub. This is the centralized location where the camera information will run. Once you have situated your hub, then you need to find the best spots for your cameras. You want to lay these devices out at critical junctures around the property to provide the best possible security with surveillance cameras in Calgary.

Turn Off Your Power Source

Next, you need to take a few practical measures. After you have your layout identified and tools on hand, make sure you turn off your power. If your electricity is on during the installation, you could be at risk for injury or worse. You do not want to be working with an electrical system while it is live. Instead, be safe. You can turn it back on to test the system when you are done.

CCTV security guard in the mall building.

Drill Your Holes and Run the Wire

Now, it is time to drill. Snake your wires through the walls in order to streamline their appearance and protect the integrity of your surveillance cameras in Calgary. You can drill holes directly into your siding. Check inside the holes for any possible obstructions. Label the ends of your wires, and affix your cameras to their designated locations. Once the wires are attached to the camera, run them through the walls to your central hub. When this is done, you can turn on your electricity and activate your system.

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