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How To Build A Home Theatre

To truly enjoy your home theatre in Calgary, you need the set-up to be just right. While it might take some adjustments here and there, it’s best to ensure that you build it right from the start. This guide can create the perfect home theatre experience in your home. 

The Room of the Home Theatre System 

In most cases, you’ll likely know where you’ll set up your home theatre. It could be the main living area, the basement or a spare room in the home. When it comes to selecting which room is best for you, you should consider the following factors: 

  • How many windows there are, as the fewer windows, the better. Windows create glares and distorts audio, so it’s best to have fewer windows in the room. The same goes for heavy curtains and shades. 
  • The shape of the room is a factor to consider. Square rooms can box in the sound and make it easy to position the system. Rounded rooms create a more engaging experience, though. 
  • The wall paint. Strange as it might seem, but wall colors can affect the glare on the screen. Stronger colors, such as red and blue, will cast an ambient light that will affect the screen’s colors.
  • Flooring can impact the sound of the theatre system. Wall-to-wall carpet is best as it absorbs ambient sounds and creates a complete sound environment. Think of the cinemas – everything is carpeted! 
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The Sound of the Home Theatre System 

With such an extensive array of sound systems available, you can truly transform your home theatre in Calgary with the right choice. But that doesn’t mean connecting it is enough to transform the experience. You’ll have to consider these factors: 

  • Speaker placement is critical to ensure that you enjoy the best of your sound systems. As most typical home theatre systems feature 5.1 surround sound, you should place your three speakers at the front of the room and the two remaining speakers at the back to create a complete experience. 
  • The ideal distance of your speakers should be as close to comfort as possible. Not too close or not too far is a perfect balance. 
  • Always place your subwoofer upfront, right down the middle. Putting it on either side might disrupt the sound and cause an unbalanced sound system. You’ll see professional Calgary home theatre installation experts do the same. 

The Position of the Home Theatre System 

The crown jewel of any home theatre in Calgary is the screen. Whether it’s a Smart TV or a projector, how you position your screen will significantly impact your viewing experience. 

  • The screen’s optimum distance should be no closer than 7.5 feet from a 60-inch-wide TV, and no more than 12.5 feet away from a projector screen. You need to find that balance, so you get the best out of your screen. 
  • The angle of the screen should always be straight on. Having different degrees might make the viewing experience seem off and hurt your eyes. Keeping it straight is best for all viewers.  
  • The best viewing height is to have the center of the display screen at eye level. While some might enjoy having it higher to get the cinema-like feeling, it just elevates your head and makes you uncomfortable over time. It will work if you have reclining seats, but if not, stick to eye-level. 

This breakdown should provide you with the foundation for efficiently executing your home theatre installation in Calgary. If you need any advice, speak to home theatre professionals about your set-up. 

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