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Home Automation 101

It comes to no shock to the system that in today’s day and age, plenty of people are looking to get their homes automated. But for a lot of people, they don’t know the finer details about what makes it such a valuable addition. This Home Automation 101 guide should provide you with all the key details you need to know.

What Is Home Automation?

To fully understand how home automation works, you have to understand what it is first. In its most basic terms, it is when one or more computers are used to control home functions automatically and remotely. In layman’s terms, it means that anything that is connected to the internet or a sensor can be remotely controlled.

What Does Home Automation Connect To?

However, you might be confused about what ‘exactly’ can be connected and controlled. So far, it includes the following list:
  • HVAC systems in the home
  • Lighting
  • Security systems
  • Keyless entry
  • Landscape irrigation systems
  • Appliances that are connected to the internet
  • Television (obviously)
This is just the beginning though. As the role of home automation develops, and more systems become interconnected, your choices will continue to expand.

What Are The Benefits Of Home Automation?

Okay, we understand the concerns that your home might be one day controlled by robots, but that won’t happen in the near future (or even ever!). There are plenty of benefits that come with a smart home automation system. They include the following:
  • Energy efficient – you will spend less time worrying about wasting energy because you will have complete control over it in your home from anywhere in your home.  
  • Convenience – it has made day-to-day life much easier for everyone.
  • Ease of accessibility – it is super helpful for those with disabilities to have more control over the systems in their home.
  • Increase in property value – smart homes can fetch top dollar when it comes to the property market.
We hope that this blog has provided you with all the valuable information you need to know about smart home automation. If you are interested in taking the first step, reach out and speak to a local expert today. Make your home smarter with Smart Space! For nearly 20 years we have been offering a wide range of highest quality home automation solutions to make your life easier! Whether you want a home theatre installation in Calgary or some surveillance cameras to improve the safety of your home, we can help. Call us at 403-539-9419 or send us an email to [email protected]

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