Cable Installation

The Average Cost of Cable Installation

Proper installation of your network cable is paramount so you can thoroughly enjoy your cable network and receive the best possible performance from it. Getting cable installed will offer your household a reliable network that is protected and secured for your usage. Technical complexities are a given when installing cable, and whether you choose to install it yourself or hire a professional to do it, there will be a cost. 

Know what to expect in terms of effort and cost that will go into installing a cable network.


Installing a network cable can be time-consuming if you aren’t adept at handling tools and wires. Installing a cable typically involves routing a cable through the walls, cutting the wire when applicable, and installing a connector at the end of the wire. All of this work can prove very difficult for the average person who might lack experience in this particular field. 

Hiring a Professional

If you are unable to install a cable yourself, there is always an alternative. Hiring a professional to install the cable for you will cost a rate estimated between $30-$120/per hour. This is based on the labour process and the variables that will be added during the installation process. Further, professional installation might be more time-consuming and complex when wiring an older or larger home, which will result in additional costs. 

Professional help with cable installation can be a handy service to anyone that resides in a home with many rooms that need to be hardwired or when having to work within an old house that has not had cable installed beforehand. Although professional cable installation may seem like a steep purchase, it will ultimately save you a lot of time and reduce the risk of an incorrect installation that would cost you further down the road. 

Cable Installation

Estimated costs

The costs to install a cable yourself can cost anywhere between $400 to $700. Because the labour that includes wiring your home can be so extensive, getting a professional to install the cable is the most expensive part of the process. Hiring a professional can be well over $1000, sometimes as much as $6000, depending on the quality of service you acquire. Other costs can include the purchase of a computer, router, and network price, all of which can be an additional $1200, all depending on the quality of each you end up purchasing. 

If the costs seem overwhelming, remember that purchasing a cable installed by professionals is a wise investment for any household that needs a strong, reliable, and protected network.

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